Entrepreneurial Development and Mentoring Services

Mentoring and Financial Strategies

Accelerence offers significant experience in the development of leaders and cultures that retain people, your company’s number one asset. As your leadership team is put in place, Accelerence helps them grow by assessing their skills and providing the tools they need according to individual strengths and weaknesses.

Our services also include strategies to build and motivate great teams and provide a values- and vision-based working environment. We help design organizational structures that complement the business mission, provide team alignment, and drive a company esprit de corps necessary for high-growth business.

The following is a list of Accelerence core development and mentoring services, which we customize to match the needs of each client.

  • Executive coaching to include leadership skills, priority and task/time management
  • Hiring, training, development, and retention of human capital
  • Define current and future business core competencies with team skills assessment and gap analysis
  • Organizational review relative to mission, with time, priority, and task management assessments
  • Team development and Executive 360 degree reviews
  • Advisory board creation

Financial Strategy and Planning

Accelerence offers assistance in the acquisition of public and private equity and debt financing, acting as an advisor, intermediary, and collaborator throughout the financing process and occasionally supplying angel investment. Specific activities include the following.

  • Development of fund-raising objectives and strategies
  • Business plan development
  • Investor presentations
  • Potential investment partner sourcing
  • Direct equity investment

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Mentoring Results

“As a sales executive at Mike & Will’s previous company, Strategic Technologies, I saw them first hand successfully build a rapidly growing technology company. The Shook’s combined their insights, visions to predict high growth technology markets with the discipline and execution required to convert strategy into revenue. Much of what I learned under their leadership has accelerated my career growth.”

Greg Randolph
Senior Vice President of Sales
CA Technologies