Customer and Product Insight Services

Customer and Product Insight

Accelerence works closely with clients to assure they have a deep understanding of the markets in which they can best compete, the customers they serve, the business problems they solve, and the industry trends they must address.

With this knowledge, and as a unified team, we then begin constructing a forward-thinking business plan and model that will include value propositions, competitive positioning, corporate branding and messaging, pricing, and product definition and launch strategies. These services act as a catalyst for business transformation, profitable growth, and enhanced business value.

The following is a list of Accelerence core customer and product insight capabilities. We work hand-in-hand with you to tailor the service components most suited to your challenges and objectives.

Step to Profitable Growth Service Offerings that will allow you to:
Know Thy Customer

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  • Develop a “day in the life” view of your customer
  • Understand your product through your customers’ eyes
  • Strengthen your customer/product marriage
Know Thy Competition

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  • Visualize your position in the competitive landscape
  • Differentiate effectively against key competitors
Develop Strong, Actionable Segments

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  • Create market clarity for your best customers
  • Dominate segments
Profit Engine Tuning

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  • Optimize your product mix
  • Price for profit
  • Understand your cost drivers

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