Business Performance Enhancement

Business Performance Enhancement

Accelerence business performance enhancement services act as a catalyst to dramatically improve your company’s execution results. They add value by adding the capacity to tackle customer acquisition and upgrading current operational methods to proven, market-leading status.

We go well beyond delivering a consultant’s report. Hands-on and collaborative, we help you build solutions that bridge operational gaps so that you have a scalable business platform to support growth, achieve rapid improvement in the customer acquisition lifecycle, and establish successful, leveraged sales-distribution models. Along the way, we help you institute practices, methods, and communication strategies that align resources, direct energy, and reinvigorate team passion.

The following is a list of Accelerence core business performance enhancement capabilities that we tailor to address your specific needs.

Step to Profitable Growth  Service Offerings that will allow you to:
Commit to Sales as a Differentiator

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  • Create behavior-driving compensation plans
  • Deliver reliable sales forecast
  • Assess and drastically improve sales win rates
  • Hire and develop quota-busting talent
Commit to Marketing as a Differentiator

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  • Visualize, monitor and adjust your customer acquisition funnel
  • Increase marketing bang for the buck by strategy and mix optimization
  • Develop customer intimacy and increase your share of wallet
Articulate a Meaningful, Defensible Value Proposition

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  • Clearly develop a customer “job to be done” understanding
  • Develop a messaging pyramid that frames your value proposition for decision-makers and influencers
  • Establish the economic case for your solution
Build Passion and Team Commitment

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  • Re-establish a vision that invigorates your team
  • Build communication strategies that get the team on board and keep them there
  • Link team members’ desires with corporate needs
Align Everything – Establish a Drumbeat and 12-Month Direction

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  • Firmly establish your vision/mission/goals and overarching growth strategy
  • Convert strategy efforts into action-oriented tactical plans
  • Identify the crucial few key performance indicators for your business

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