Accelerence Video Shorts

The 7 Steps to Profitable Growth

Will Shook shares the 7 items you must nail to creating dramatic growth in your business.

Building the Team

Business success is all about hiring, developing and retaining great people. Mike Shook talks about his thoughts on getting the right highly motivated people on the bus in the right seats.

Building the Sales Engine

There are core principles for selling and winning in competitive markets. Sales must be part of your value add to customers.

Sales as an Articulate Mirror

Will Shook lays out an approach that helps you closely align your solution with the customers need. This method for creating a shared vision has been instrumental in the rapid growth of many tech companies.

Lessons Learned

As a long time technology entrepreneur and CEO, Mike Shook talks about the most important things he has learned in building, evolving and scaling a high value business. The key lessons include what to do but also through years of experience what not to do.