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So How Do You Compete? Making Sales An Integral Part Of Differentiation
Recently we conducted a workshop on “Breaking Free of Your Growth Constraints.” During a fairly in-depth discussion on how to create a scalable sales function, we posited the concept that sales should be a genuine source of differentiation for B2B companies. One member of the audience, who has incredible experience leading US-wide sales for a multi-national tech company, said “Sales as a differentiator…huh…never really looked at it that way.” With that light shed, he continued on by explai...
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Seven Constraints to Business Growth by Mike Shook
Every leader of an emerging business knows that there are fundamentals that must be mastered to foster business growth and success. A quality solution offering. Excellent customer service. Focused sales. Targeted and compelling marketing. Money! If growth were merely a matter of assembling the talent needed to master those broad brushstrokes – and to secure financing – the path to success would be fairly straightforward. Yet according to a recent study by Inc. magazine and the National Busi...
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What Matters Most-Sales Team Productivity or Customer Value?
Recently I was asked about the best sales productivity tools for a sales team. Sales leadership is a role constantly under the gun. More closes, more revenue and more growth. As a result they are compelled to drive more and more out of their teams. They ask "How do I squeeze greater performance out of my teams?" So do you just keep pumping your team full of productivity tools like PEDs to a professional athlete? Or is getting greater results often times about something else?
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