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Thoughts on Reid Hoffman's Hiring and Retaining Talent
Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn lays out the essential pact between employer and employee. One that retains and develops employees. LinkedIn’s approach is masterful. It’s all about adding value to the other. The employer must be promoter of the concept. First, the employer has to believe in developing employee’s self-equity. If they don’t then employees will do it somewhere else.
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Big Hat No Cattle vs. Big Fish Small Pond: Actionable Market Segments for Growth
If you are a growth ready company, there’s a choice you have to make. Do you want to be the company with a big hat and no cattle, or the one that is a big fish in a small pond? What matters to you more, ego or results? One choice places a premium on impression and one places a premium on discipline. When you are in the weeds, that decision doesn’t seem as clear cut as when it’s presented as an easy A/B choice.
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Know Thy Customer- 7 Constraints Blog
An in depth view of one of our seven constraints to business growth. This piece discusses in detail what it means to "know thy customer" and how to implement it in your business.
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The Value Proposition Road Map

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The Value Proposition Road Map
Successful business executives understand the importance of creating compelling business plans and models. They further understand that great plans will fail if they are poorly executed. In essence, the formula for success is one part great plan, one part great plan execution and one part great people. What is often not clearly understood is the importance early-on of creating a unique, compelling, high impact, and fully defensible value proposition. Our view is that the value proposition define...
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