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Thoughts on 10 Keys to a Successful Business Plan
Madelyn Young’s article “10 Keys to a Successful Business Plan” is very much on point. However, what should be added is the reality that good business plans poorly executed most often fail. Conversely, average business models and plans executed well most often succeed. In essence, business success is all about flawless execution, which starts with a great team that is highly focused and in full alignment. Getting everyone rowing in the same direction is a key priority. History has proven that...
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Building Team Passion and Alignment

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Building Team Passion and Alignment
We all know the direct relationship between inspired teams and great business results. What is not clear and is much misunderstood is the formula that creates inspired teams. In my mind, it starts with a unique business model, great business culture, hiring and developing your employees, and retaining the best and the brightest, and finally assuring that the mission is in alignment with the organization skills and structure.
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Seven Constraints to Business Growth by Mike Shook
Every leader of an emerging business knows that there are fundamentals that must be mastered to foster business growth and success. A quality solution offering. Excellent customer service. Focused sales. Targeted and compelling marketing. Money! If growth were merely a matter of assembling the talent needed to master those broad brushstrokes – and to secure financing – the path to success would be fairly straightforward. Yet according to a recent study by Inc. magazine and the National Busi...
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What Matters Most-Sales Team Productivity or Customer Value?
Recently I was asked about the best sales productivity tools for a sales team. Sales leadership is a role constantly under the gun. More closes, more revenue and more growth. As a result they are compelled to drive more and more out of their teams. They ask "How do I squeeze greater performance out of my teams?" So do you just keep pumping your team full of productivity tools like PEDs to a professional athlete? Or is getting greater results often times about something else?
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