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Problem Solving: The Entrepreneur’s Full Time Job

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Problem Solving: The Entrepreneur’s Full Time Job

As the Business Insider piece “6 Ways Entrepreneurs Become Great Problem Solvers” highlighted all too well – problem solving is an entrepreneur’s full time job.  Problem solving and success go hand in hand. The piece provides some thoughtful tactics to accomplish this. Strategically though, given the breadth of problems an entrepreneur must solve, the real key is creating a frame by which you solve the problem. Ask questions like:

  1. What am I really solving for?
  2. What are the objectives?
  3. What is the root cause? 

Invest the time in defining the problem if you want to save time solving it.

And, if you need help problem solving, here’s some advice from entrepreneur Donnie Goins, CEO & Co-founder at Product Broadcasting, Inc., who noted in a recent LinkedIn recommendation, “Mike and Will Shook effectively communicate and execute the seven steps to profitable growth. Their insight and willingness to cut to the core of the problems and work to great solutions is very refreshing. They understand the full life-cycle of business processes and products. They are fun to work with and their energy to help companies succeed is boundless.”

For more ideas on how to problem solve like it’s your full time job, be sure to download our whitepaper, "Seven Steps to Profitable Business Growth.”

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