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Startup Advice: Contrarian Opinions Are Refreshing

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Startup Advice: Contrarian Opinions Are Refreshing

If you’re too busy as an entrepreneur to make it to a networking happy hour mixer – I recommend still throwing back a Tech Cocktail every now and then. Tech Cocktail is a media site that publishes refreshing content like this recent piece – “What Startup Advice Do You Disagree With?”

It’s refreshing for me to see a little contrarian opinion.  Sometimes the advice you read seems to be everyone recycling the same mantra from the same bandwagon.  I like the “monetize later” disagreement noted below:

“The whole idea of build an audience and figure out how to monetize it later is one I have a hard time seeing as a plan with a reasonable chance of success. While it can be a huge success if you can acquire a big audience, the number of startups that have actually achieved that is miniscule.”

- Mike Yoder, cofounder and CTO of ALICE Receptionist

It’s plausible but generally in extremely well-funded outfits, typically in the consumer space, and I guarantee it’s only valid for a short window of time. 

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