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Get Personal: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success Starts with People

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Get Personal: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success Starts with People

A recent story in Inc. Magazine, “8 Ways to Be Re-Inspired at Work,” nicely summarizes some good and simple ideas on how to mix it up at work when you get bogged down.  A ninth idea might be to find success by helping your employees succeed.  Helping others grow and succeed is always great fuel for the personal fire.

One of our peers, Amanda Elam, a lecturer on management, innovation and entrepreneurship at NCSU Poole College of Management, agrees with us. In a recent LinkedIn recommendation, Amanda shared: “Will and Mike Shook communicate an outstanding and well-supported perspective on business growth. Central to their model is the vital importance of people. From team motivation and development to personalized customer acquisition and a commitment to outstanding customer service, these guys truly understand that the key to business success starts with the people inside and outside of the company.”

For more ideas on how to drive operational success with the people in your startup, be sure to download our whitepaper, "Seven Steps to Profitable Business Growth.”


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