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The 5 Rules for Silicon Valley Success That Can Work Anywhere

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The 5 Rules for Silicon Valley Success That Can Work Anywhere

I very much agree with the key tenets developed by Victor Hwang. A rewarding life from both a personal and business perspective is earned by having a strong conviction that honor, dignity, fair play and respect for others is the foundation of an individual’s value system. We all know that it takes a life time to build a respected reputation and minutes to destroy it. The quickest way to ruin a reputation is to be identified as a person who cannot be trusted, is not a team player, and has a history of always taking much more than they are willing to give. The age-old adage that people partner and team with those they like and trust could not be truer. Conversely, individuals that operate with a zero- sum game mentality may win a few in life’s journey, but success will be short lived. You can’t escape a negative reputation. It’s not if it will catch up with you it’s when and almost always the fall is very hard.

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