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Modern Strategic Implications and Pivoting Beyond The Core

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Mckinsey has had two excellent pieces recently worth reading. The first is titled "Grow Fast or Die Slow: Pivoting Beyond The Core", which outlines important thought processes for software companies. The second is titled "How Digital is Changing Strategy", about how digital focus must meet with strategic vision. I made some brief comments on both.


Grow Fast or Die Slow: Beyond The Core



Great summary of strategic considerations for growth.  While this is focused on software companies and the lessons of those that grew beyond $1B, the key tenets are ones all entrepreneurs need to consider as they planning to create their future. 

Strategic Implications of the Digital Age



Interesting how an article on how digital is changing strategy still comes back to the core principles of creating and adjusting strategy to meet the strategic vision. Identify where growth potential exists, assess your ability to compete there and then reallocate (focus!) your resources to those areas of growth.   Certainly two core things have change – the speed required to adapt, and the possibility of your current model’s delivery costs going to zero in someone else’s model. 

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