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Thoughts on Important Hiring Steps Before You Post The Position

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Thoughts on Important Hiring Steps Before You Post The Position

I very much agree that the secret to successful recruiting, hiring and retaining team talent starts before the position is posted as discussed by Inc.com. Making sure that the job description clearly defines the capabilities, experiences, present skills and shared values required in the ideal new hire. Business success is all about getting the right people on the bus at the right time and in the right seats, as well as making sure that the new hire job description is in perfect alignment with and in support of the company’s mission statement. A final thought on the preparation and execution of the recruiting process is that new hire candidates should fully understand the compelling purpose of the business. New hire candidates must understand why what is done is important and that the core of what is done is governed by a strong sense of values and integrity. Without a compelling business purpose and sense of values that are inextricably woven into the fabric of the business, companies will not attract the A players – the rare and unique employees that are so essential in building a successful, high performance organization.





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