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Thoughts on Mark Cuban's 12 Steps for Entrepreneurs

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Thoughts on Mark Cuban's 12 Steps for Entrepreneurs

Mark Cuban always offers sage business and entrepreneurial advice. In his recent article concerning the “12 Rules for Startups,” he leads with the thought that individuals should not start a company “unless it’s an obsession and something they love.” I absolutely concur. There is a direct relationship in life and business success by focusing your business model on things that you are passionate about and enjoy doing. It’s no surprise that typically what you like to do also matches up nicely with what you are good at doing. As suggested, one part of the business entrepreneurial success equation is to understand the things you like doing the most. The second part is the sobering reality of fully understanding the commitments that the entrepreneur and their family will have to make to build a successfully entity. Vision is important, but it must be tempered by expectations that the journey will be long and often challenging. Your eyes must be wide open, and you should cultivate an early understanding and acceptance of the fact that wobbly knees are a bad partner in the entrepreneurial journey. Successful entrepreneurs must be prepared to go the distance.


Mike Shook


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