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Startup Success Tip: Ensure the Right People Are Working on the Right Things

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Startup Success Tip: Ensure the Right People Are Working on the Right Things
A recent Mashable article provides sage advice to early stage companies relative to the importance of systematizing business operation activities in the earliest stages of the business. Successfully scaling a business is about being intentional, working smart, eliminating duplication and maximizing the effectiveness of the customer engagement process.


Early identification of the major business process improvement opportunities in a business and solving those problems is critical. This allows maximum focus on what’s really important, your customer. Without a keen eye on business process improvement your company will be creating an internal state of crisis that becomes the norm and results in the inability to effectively absorb any external crisis that might be customer or partner driven.

As vigilant as early stage companies must be relative to business process improvement, they must also be diligent in assuring that the right people in the business are doing the right things. There is a lot of merit in creating two lists for all employees. One list identifies the key tasks that the employee is accountable for and the second list identifies what tasks the employee is doing now and must stop doing. The common thread of business and organizational success is a shared vision coupled with people and process alignment and leverage.

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