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Are You Selling to the Right Market?  How to Know for Sure- Venture Atlanta Guest Post by Mike Shook
We agree with Peter Cohan, author of the Inc. article “4 Ways to Know You're Selling to the Right Market”, on his thoughts on the importance of selling to the right market and solving the right customer problems. As entrepreneurs begin the process of scaling their business it’s not good enough to just find a customer problem to solve, the key is to find a big problem to solve So often we see entrepreneurs that go to market with a solution in search of a problem. Success dictates that this go...
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Know Thy Competition- Guest Blog at Venture Atlanta
My work with several Southeastern-based tech entrepreneurs has surfaced a common thread: pesky competitors are blocking their path to success. Each entrepreneur has developed a very credible solution (B2B) and achieved enough market penetration to be cash flow positive, yet their growth has flat lined. Their leadership teams are capable and committed, yet they are still scratching their heads on how to achieve breakthrough sales velocity. Each has examined their respective set of competitors,...
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